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Give Your Kids Outdoor Vacations, not Toys

Our kids camps are just the outdoor vacations your kids need! Our kids camps are more than just kayaking.  They’re about socializing with other kids, learning to look out for your fellow river mates, learning river rescue skills, and enjoying the simple things in life like swimming on the river and exploring the ecosystems surrounding… Continue reading Give Your Kids Outdoor Vacations, not Toys

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My Experience Being a Junior Kayak Instructor

by Olivia McGinnis I often go kayaking in Bryson City, North Carolina. There is a kayaking store called Endless River Adventures in Bryson City.  Endless River Adventures offers kayaking instruction, guided raft trips, unguided raft trips, and fly fishing instruction. They sell Wave Sport kayaks and kayaking gear. ERA is mostly run by a lady… Continue reading My Experience Being a Junior Kayak Instructor

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NRC Adding Youth Paddling Programs

The Nantahala Race Club (NRC) is committed to increasing youth participation in slalom, freestyle - and just kayaking in general.  This year will bring in a whole new set of programs for slalom, freestyle and recreational boaters to enjoy. This spring will bring in the third season of the Nantahala Kids Club (NKC) sessions. NKC… Continue reading NRC Adding Youth Paddling Programs

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My Daughter’s First Combat Roll

Shared by Todd McGinnis (aka: proud father) Well while y’all were styl’n the Upper Ocoee and the Gauley I got to spend an awesome weekend with Olivia on the Nanty as she took part in the slalom Clinic with the Nantahala Racing Club. This is a great clinic and is the second one she has taken.… Continue reading My Daughter’s First Combat Roll

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Zoe Ross: A 15-year old kayaking with big dreams

TeamZoe! If you have not heard of young kayaker Zoe Ross yet–you may in the future.  She is a 15 year old girl from Athens,TN who fell in love with whitewater kayaking.  Her 9th grade year, Zoe had the opportunity to attend the New River Academy (NRA).  NRA is a co-ed secondary school, offering accredited college-preparatory courses,… Continue reading Zoe Ross: A 15-year old kayaking with big dreams