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EcoSplash Camps for 2020

give your kids outdoor experiences not toys Not all kids want to be in kayaks, but all kids should spend time outside.  We have teamed up with Mainspring Conservation trust to offer an Ecosplash camp:  with days split between the river (in kayak, ducky or raft) and youth environmental education: exploring the river eco systems… Continue reading EcoSplash Camps for 2020

ecosplash kids camp to get outside
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Outdoor Experiences for Your Kids – Not Toys

-we are the whitewater industry leader in providing outdoor experiences for you and your kids!! Both here in North Carolina and internationally, we have a long tradition of being part of parents and childrens' outdoor experiences. That tradition began 26+ years ago. Kids Kayaking Internationally Our first "young international paddler" was Caleb, some 20+ years… Continue reading Outdoor Experiences for Your Kids – Not Toys

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Give Your Kids Outdoor Vacations, not Toys

Our kids camps are just the outdoor vacations your kids need! Our kids camps are more than just kayaking.  They’re about socializing with other kids, learning to look out for your fellow river mates, learning river rescue skills, and enjoying the simple things in life like swimming on the river and exploring the ecosystems surrounding… Continue reading Give Your Kids Outdoor Vacations, not Toys