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Fall Kayaking Fitness: 5 Steps

by Sam Ovett Why get fit for Kayaking? All you are doing is sitting on your butt floating downstream, not much effort involved in that now is there? The answer is "no" there is not much effort in just sitting on your butt and floating downstream, but then there is more more to whitewater kayaking… Continue reading Fall Kayaking Fitness: 5 Steps

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Kayaking and Trees that Fall

For over fifteen years, the southeastern United States has been struggling with the death of our beautiful hemlock trees due to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.  Many of our rivers are lined with the remains of these once beautiful trees. The significance of this to boaters is the fact that the dead trees are beginning to fall… Continue reading Kayaking and Trees that Fall

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Pivot Turns and Broken Nose – breaking things down

Heading into slalom gates can create the same problems that running a more difficult rapid presents: it is too easy to just try and tackle the whole course (aka: rapid) and never understand how to break it down and do it well. Broken Nose on the Ocoee River is a very good example. The most… Continue reading Pivot Turns and Broken Nose – breaking things down